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Color Factory processing sequence

This topic explains the sequence in which Color Factory processes files. The sequence below is valid for bitmap images (jpeg, bmp, tiff and bmp) only. Other formats, such as pdf, vector, and movies, use a different sequence.

Processing sequence

  • Open file
  • Unique ID processing
  • IPTC Processing conversion and stripping
  • Curves before Color Management for CMYK file only
  • Color Management for CMYK files only
  • Apply soft crop etc.
  • Flip mirror
  • Resize
  • Pixel edit
  • Contrast (Includes SmartColor and SmartClean)
  • Filter Unsharp Mask etc.
  • Curves before Color Management for RGB and Grayscale images
  • Color Management for RGB and Grayscale images
  • Curves after Color Management
  • Hue Saturation and Luminace filter
  • Auto routing and file name generation
  • IPTC Processing templates and export
  • Unique ID generation
  • Remote layout Low-res generation
  • Auto printing
  • Generating image file
  • Generating FS thumbnail and preview
  • Copy file to final destination

Overriding the default processing sequence

It is not possible to override the processing sequence within a single channel. If you need to create a workflow that performs operations in a very specific sequence, you can create channels that perform single tasks and chain these together in your order of choice. This can be accomplished by outputting the files from the first channel into the input folder of another channel and so on (daisy-chaining).