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Monitoring and configuring the Color Factory service

How to access the service configuration and monitor service activity.

Where to configure Color Factory

If you've used other FotoWare server applications, you're probably already acquainted with the Operations Center. This web-based interface is used for monitoring and configuration of our server applications.

However, Color Factory is slightly different in this respect: It is configured in a separate Windows application, the Color Factory configuration in the FotoWare program group, while service activity is monitored through the Operations Center.

Thus, to change the configuration on the Color Factory server, you need to log on to the Windows console (a remote desktop connection to the server will also work fine) and configure the server through the Color Factory configuration application for Windows.

If you simply need to monitor what goes on on the server, you can access the Operations Center on http://hostname:7000 to see what the Color Factory is up to. You can also start and stop the service in the Operations Center, but any configuration of channels will have to be made on the Windows console.

Color Factory Configuration

The Color Factory configuration, available through the FotoWare program group on the Windows server, provides a functional, intuitive way of configuring the program to work the way you want. By expanding the Color Factory branch, all program settings are hierarchically arranged below. Channels may be grouped to make it easy to get a better overview of you workflow. This makes it possible to make modifications to a group’s settings and apply the change to all channels within. Global or channel-specific purging may be configured separately; the same goes for error handling preferences.

Administration console menus

At the top of the Administration Console are three menus.

File menu

From the File menu you may save the configuration and exit the program. When the configuration has been changed, a notification is displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the Administration console program window, and you will be asked if you want to save your changes when exiting the configuration program. You must remember to save your changes using Save Configuration on the File menu before they will be effective in the processing channels. Restarting the service is not necessary.

Color Factory menu

Here you may create new channels and channel groups. Also, you may start and stop the Color Factory system service. When you save changes to the configuration Color Factory will automatically restart the required services to load the new configuration file.

Help menu

Through the Help menu you can activate options such as the SmartColor and SmartClean modules, or you can deactivate these options. If you need to move Color Factory to another server you must remember to deactivate it before it can be reactivated on the new server computer. This can be done by choosing Deactivate… in the Help menu.

Monitoring Color Factory service activity in the Operations Center

The activity on the Color Factory server can be monitored through the Operations Center. There you will get a complete overview of all the channels configured on the server and the files processed in each channel. You can also start and stop the service from the web interface. To access the Operations Center, double-click on the Operations Center link that was placed on your desktop during the installation, or access http://yourservername:7000

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