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Configuring file transfers to or from a network server

Network servers are Windows file-sharing compliant servers in your network operating on the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol. This means that you can easily use this protocol to transfer files to and from Windows servers as well as Mac OS servers with Windows file sharing enabled or Unix or Linux servers running SAMBA.

Configuring a Network Server connection

  1. In the Connect Settings app, go to Servers > Default.  
  2. Select the group to which you want to add the server and select Add server. You must specify some general settings for the server before you can define the folders that you want to use for file transfers.

Name: Enter a short, descriptive name for the server.

Description: You can enter additional information about the server, for instance, its location or information about the folders it serves.

Protocol: Choose Network Server for file transfer operations to or from a Windows network volume (CIFS/SMB).

Host name: Enter the name or IP address of the host (typically, the server name, omitting the double backslash).

Authentication: By default, the user account set as the Background Service account on the Global tab is used to access the volume. However, if this server requires other user credentials to access the shares, select Override Account and enter the required user name and password. If the user account is on a domain, you can enter it in the separate domain field.

Test connection: Select Test connection to verify that the server can be accessed with the given user credentials.

  1. Select Save.
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