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Defining source or destination folders on an FTP server

How to add source or destination folders to an FTP server connection.

Creating and configuring folders for the FTP server

Having set up the general FTP server properties, you are ready to add folders to the server. These can be either source or destination folders in a workflow.

To create a folder, click on the FTP server in the you created and the click on the green Plus icon below the list of configured servers.

General properties

Name: Type a short descriptive name for the folder here.

Description: Here you can specify more accurately what the folder is for. (Limited to 255 characters)

Type: Choose whether this should be a source or a destination folder, or both. This setting determines which category the folder shows up in when creating a channel.

Path: Type in the path to the ftp folder here. If your login credentials on the ftp server takes you to a certain home directory, you can choose whether the specified path is relative to the home directory or to the ftp server's root by ticking the corresponding checkbox.

Important: The path should always start with a leading forward slash: e.g. /files.

Delete filter: Lets you specify files to delete from the input to avoid transferring them. This can be used to remove unwanted files from your workflow or to avoid transferring accompanying files that your system doesn't use. Several file types can be defined and separated with a space, thus: *.txt *.tmp

Source Folder Options

ftp source folder options.jpg

These options apply only to source or source/destination folders:

Include files in subfolders: Specifies whether Connect should retrieve all files in subfolders in the specified path.

Remove empty subfolders: Enable this option to have Connect "clean up" empty subfolders after retrieving the files in them.

Wait for growing files: This option can be enabled to make sure Connect only picks up the file in the source folder when is has been written entirely. This may be useful if the source folder is populated by another application that writes files byte-for-byte in the input folder without locking it.

Enable virus scanning: Enable this option to automatically check all incoming files for viruses. Infected files can be deleted, quarantined or ignored and logged. The actual virus scanner settings are configured on the Service Options tab.