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Configuring file name handling in a channel

How to set options pertaining to the handling of file names in a channel's output folder.

File name options

Connect file name handling.jpg

Enabling filename processing gives you access to special properties relating to how file names should be handled.

Add Prefix: Lets you add a prefix to the files processed in the channel when they are stored in the destination folder. You may want to add a separator character also to keep the prefix apart from the filename. (Such as: prefix_ to create prefix_filename.jpg in the output.)

Replace files with same name: When this option is checked, Connect will replace any file with a duplicate name in the output folder. Otherwise, it will add a running number to the file automatically.

Limit filename length: This option can be used to limit the maximum number of characters in the filename, including its extension. Connect will then first attempt to limit the original filename to the specified number of characters and then add a running number to the filename if that is required to make the filename in the output folder unique.

Set file name mapping: File name mapping can be used to have Connect replace characters that are illegal in some systems. Simply type in the character that you want to change in the file name and choose another character or a whole string to replace it with.

File name numbers: Lets you control how automatic file numbering is applied to file names incrementally. If you choose to keep the entire file name the running number will be appended after the file name, increasing the file name length. If you choose to keep only part of the file name, you can choose how many characters you would like to preserve. Finally you can choose not to keep the original file name at all, in which case the output files will be named according to the running number only.

Preserve special Macintosh characters in file and folder names: If you wish to preserve special characters ine file or folder names that are only valid on Macintosh systems, tick this option. Keep in mind that doing so may create file and folder names that appear garbled on Windows and Unix systems. If you want to preserve compatibility with Windows and Unix, do not check this box. Connect will then map all illegal characters to an underscore (_).