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Configuring routing by folder size


Folder size routing makes it possible to route files to subfolders in the destination folder and limit the maximum number of files or megabytes a folder contains before creating a new one.

Creating a folder size routing

  1. In Connect Settings, go to  Routings and expand the group to which you want to add the routing.
  2. Select Add routing.
  3. In the Name field, enter a name for the routing.
  4. In the Description field, enter a more detailed description, if necessary. 

connect folder size routing.png


  1. In the Base Folder Name field, enter the base name for the subfolders that will be created in the output. For example, Folder_ to which a running number will be added as new folders are created.
  2. In the Folder size field, define how many files or megabytes a folder is allowed to contain before Connect creates a new folder inside the base folder. Select Files in folder or Megabytes in folder from the drop-down list.
    Note: When this routing method is enabled, Connect creates subfolders indefinitely, so there is a possibility that your disks will run full if no other systems are configured to move or purge the files over time.
  1. Select Save when you have made changes to the configuration. Find the channel to apply the routing method to and select the routing method from the channel's Options tab.
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