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Configuring routing by Folder Size


Folder size routing makes it possible to route files to subfolders in the destination folder and limit the maximum number of files or megabytes a folder contains before creating a new one.

Creating a Folder Size routing

Go to the Routings tab in the configuration and click on the green Plus icon to create a new routing.

The following settings apply to Folder Size routing:

Name: Name the routing here to make it easy to tell apart from any other routing methods you define.

Description: A more detailed description of how the files are routed can be entered here.

folder size routing.jpg

Routing options

Base folder name: Now type in the base name for the subfolders that will be created in the output. It could for example be Folder_ to which a running number will be added as new folders are created.

Folder size: Lets you define how many files or megabytes a folder should be allowed to contain before Connect will create a new folder inside the base folder. Use the drop-down list to choose between Files in folder or Megabytes in folder.

Keep in mind that with this routing method enabled, Connect will keep creating subfolders indefinitely, so there is a possibility that your disks will run full if no other systems are configured to move or purge the files over time.

Remember to click the Save button in the lower-right corner when you have made changes to the configuration.

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