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Configuring Prefix Routing


Prefix routing, as the name implies, will route files based on fixed-size or dynamically sized prefix(es). Folders can be assigned to each prefix so that a subfolder structure will be created in the destination folder.

Creating a Prefix Routing

Go to the Routings tab in the configuration and click on the green Plus icon to create a new routing.

The following settings apply to prefix routing:

Name: Name the routing here to make it easy to tell apart from any other routing methods you define.

Description: A more detailed description of how the files are routed can be entered here.

Routing type: Choose Prefix Routing here to enable the options described below.

Prefix settings

Fixed Size: If all prefixes in the source are a fixed size, choose this option. You can then define the length of the prefix(es) by adding a size value in the Prefix Size field and clicking the Add button. If filenames are made up of several different-length prefixes, you can add several values corresponding to the first, second, third one and so on.

Example: To route a file with the filename pre1pre2filename.jpg you should specify 2 fixed size prefixes each consisting of 4 characters.


Separated by a character: If your source files contains prefixes separated by a certain character you can add the separator(s) using this option. Connect will then search for the separator character(s) in the filename and use this to tell the prefixes apart.

Example: To route a file with the filename pre1-pre2~filename.jpg you should specify the dash (-) and the tilde (~) as prefix separators.


Remove prefix: If you would like to remove the prefix from the filename before applying routing and storing the file in its assigned destination folder, tick this option.


Do not route file, only remove prefix: Choosing this option will remove the prefix from the filename but not perform additional routing. The file will then be transferred to the destination folder.

Associate prefix and folder

To store files in a folder hierarchy inside the destination folder, specify the prefixes and the corresponding folder the files should be routed to. This will arrange the files in subfolders that are created in the order in which the prefixes occur in the filename.

Example: You associate the SPO prefix with a folder named Sports and HAN with Handball. When the dash character (-) is specified as the prefix separator, a file named SPO-HAN-filename.jpg will be stored in Destination Folder\Sports\Handball.


Route to folder with prefix name if no associated folder is found: If Connect transfers a file with a prefix that is not currently associated with a folder, it will create a subfolder in the destination folder named after the prefix. If this option is not checked, any files with a prefix not in associated with a folder will be placed flat in the destination folder.


Remember to click the Save button in the lower-right corner when you have made changes to the configuration.

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