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Assigning album permissions to groups

Album permissions

When adding a new group or editing an existing one on the Groups tab in the site configuration, you find several album-related settings on the General tab in the Group properties:

User Management - Album permissions.png

Allow members of the group to create new albums. This way they can select files from all the archives they have access to and add them to a new or existing album.

Share with Users/Groups/Guests

Allow album owners to share albums with other users, groups and/or guests.

When a user shares an album with another FotoWeb user, FotoWeb sends an email to that user to inform him of the new album, and they will see it on the Albums page after logging in to FotoWeb. When an album is shared with a group, however, an automatic email is not sent from FotoWeb. Users in that group will still be able to see the new available album on the Albums page after logging in.

When allowing sharing with guests, you make it possible for an album owner or manager to send invites by email to people without a FotoWeb user account. The email they receive contains a link that gives them access to the album.

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Restrict to 'friend' sharing

When allowing sharing of the album with users or groups (see above), you can restrict sharing of assets with 'friends'.

This option limits the users and groups an album owner can share the album with:

  • When sharing with groups, the album owner can only share albums with groups of which they are an explicit member.
  • When sharing with individual users, the album owner can only share with users that are members of the groups that they are an explicit member of.
Allow downloads

Allow an album owner or manager to give download rights to the users with whom an album is shared. 

Normally, when accessing a shared album, users can browse, search, and preview content in it. They may be allowed to contribute content and/or manage album sharing with others. Download rights are delegated separately, and an album owner may give invitees download rights if they have been granted this privilege by the system administrator using the Allow downloads permission set here.

A user can only delegate download rights to others if they have access to download the original assets.

Learn more about the different permissions an album owner can assign when sharing an album.


Allow users in this group to comment on albums and individual assets in an album.

Show on homepage

Allow the album owner to promote the album on the Fotoware homepage, which users can see after logging in. When a user logs in to FotoWeb, the home page will display all the albums they can access and any promoted albums. If FotoWeb has a portal license allowing unauthenticated access to the site, albums showcased on the homepage will also be available to unauthenticated users.


A group can be allowed to showcase albums on the Fotoware homepage even if permission has not been given to share albums with guests. While sharing albums with guests implies adding their email address to an album's sharing list, showcasing an album on the Fotoware homepage works independently of this setting.

Learn how an album owner or manager can showcase an album on the homepage.

Manage albums

The Manage Albums permission is found in the Administrative Permissions section (see the screenshot above). This gives users permission to view, delete, or archive any album. A user with this permission will not see all albums in the album list but can perform these actions when visiting an album by its URL.