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Managing signup invitations to FotoWare


Invitations for users to sign up can be managed using the invitation management console. It can be accessed by logging on to FotoWare, clicking on the Tools icon (cogwheel) and choosing Manage invitations.


The invitation management console contains all open invitations to either individual users, organizations or public links that anyone can use. Please note that individual user signups will disappear from the list once the link has been used once (the link expires). Organization invitations and public signup links (correspondingly labeled in the management console) remain active until revoked.

FotoWeb invitation management console.png

Getting the signup link

To get an active signup link, simply click on the signup link in the console. The link will be copied to the clipboard and can e.g. be pasted into an email.

Note that this functionality relies on Flash technology. Depending on browser support, you may have to install Flash separately for this to work.

Revoking a signup invitation

By clicking on the Revoke link next to an invitation, the signup link will be immediately revoked, and users attempting to use it will be notified that the link may no longer be used.

Seeing who has signed up

When users have signed up using an organization invite or a public link, a Redeemed by... button shows next to the invitation. By clicking this it's possible to see which users have been registered by following that invitation link.