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What to do if the administrator account gets locked out?


This topic explains what to do if you are locked out of FotoWeb and have administrative access to the server.

This can happen if you enable SSO for a site and disable the regular login with a username and password. Users will then be forced to log in using SSO; if the SSO configuration is incomplete, it will be impossible to log in.


  1. Log on to the FotoWeb server.
  2. Open the Fotoware Settings app and go to Sites.
  3. Find the site where the site owner or built-in administrator is locked out.
  4. If Force SSO is selected for the site, disable it by removing the checkmark. 
  5. Select Reset password.
  6. You are prompted to enter a new password for the site owner (if the site has an owner) or for the built-in administrator user.  If the site owner is an SSO user, then the external identity of the user is temporarily removed. This allows the user to log in with a password. 
  7. Log in again using the site owner username and new password.
  8. If the site does not have a site owner, then Reset password will set a password for the administrator user. You can then log in with username Administrator and the new password. Note that we no longer recommend setting a password for the administrator user. Instead, we recommend creating a user and setting that user as the site owner. This can be done in the user management interface after logging in to FotoWeb.