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Configuring email notifications

This topic explains how you define the SMTP server and account used to issue email messages throughout the site.

This is configured under Site - Services - E-mail Server in the FotoWeb site configuration.

How FotoWeb uses emails

FotoWeb uses email for a number fo services: These emails can be password-resetting emails, system notification emails, shopping cart download emails, SMTP workflow emails, contact sheet emails, album invitations, alerts (search agents) etc. Your FotoWeb system MUST be configured with an SMTP server connection - in fact there is no way to avoid configuring an SMTP server during the initial site setup.

This section requires a valid SMTP server name and other email related settings. If the SMTP server requires authentication, fill in the user name and password fields. Otherwise they should be left blank.


Smtp configuration

Tip: Administrative notifications are sent to the Administrator user's email address (user id 15001). Among other things, this email account will receive notification about new users that have signed up as FotoWeb users through the online registration module.

Default Email Sender

Define default email sender for the emails sent by FotoWeb. If Site is selected, then the ‘sender email address’ defined in SMTP settings is used. If the Logged on user is selected, then the sender email address is the email address of the user that is generating the email. This option can be expanded by adding an additional text to the From field in the email. Use this option to create a unique identity of emails sent form the system.

Default Subject and Message

Define subject and message to be used in the emails if the user defines none.


FotoWeb does not support SSL connections to the SMTP server. This can easily be overcome by configuring a local SMTP service on the server that relays emails sent by FotoWeb to another SMTP server. An additional benefit of this is that the local SMTP server keeps a copy of all emails that FotoWeb sends so that if the main SMTP server becomes unavailable it can send them when it comes back on line.

Learn how to configure a local SMTP relay server.

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