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Managing site cache settings

Caching of assets is important for your site's performance. This topic describes the configuration of the caching in FotoWeb. It is configured under Site - Services - Cache in the FotoWeb site settings.

Changing the location of the disk cache

Cache settings for a FotoWeb site

To change the location of the folder where proxy files are stored, use the Browse button next to the Cache folder field as shown in the above screenshot.

After changing the path you should copy any existing content from the old cache folder to the new one. Before doing so, stop all FotoWeb services and then complete the move. If your FotoWeb server runs on IIS, you must also start the FotoWeb administration console and choose All Tasks - Remove from IIS and follow the prompts. Then choose All Tasks - Setup IIS on the site so that IIS is updated with the new location.

What does the disk cache contain and how much space does it require?

The disk cache stores previews, thumbnails, video key frames and poster images in different sizes and helps boost the performance of your FotoWare DAM system.

You should make sure that the drive that holds the cache always has plenty of space available. This will limit fragmentation and help ensure optimal system performance. Generally we advise keeping 20% of the drive space free - if it dips below 10% free disk space, performance will suffer.

You can set a maximum size of the cache folder, at which point new cached items will replace the oldest items based on the time they were last accessed. You can also set a maximum idle time, which implies that cached items that have not been used for x number of days will be removed.

Setting a purge schedule

A purging schedule for cache cleanup can be set globally for the entire server: Open the Operations Center in a web browser and go to the FotoWeb tab. Then choose Configuration | Open. Go to the Service Options tab and choose the Advanced node, where you will be able to set a Disk cache purge schedule.