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Changing the location of the MongoDB database files

The MongoDB data folder contains all the information that FotoWeb stores in the MongoDB database. Because this folder can become quite large over time it may be desirable to store it on a different drive than the system drive (C:\)
This can be accomplished using a file system junction point which points to another drive.

Steps to relocate the MongoDBData folder

By default MongoDB data files  are stored in C:\ProgramData\Fotoware\FotoWeb\Operations\MongoDBData.

  • Stop all Fotoware services on the server.
  • Move the existing MongoDB data folder from C:\ProgramData\Fotoware\FotoWeb\Operations\MongoDBData to the new location where it should be stored. If you copy the folder to the new location it is important that you remove it from C:\ProgramData\Fotoware\FotoWeb\Operations after the copy operation completes. Otherwise the junction point cannot be correctly created in the steps below.
  • Start the Windows command prompt in elevated mode (Run as Administrator)
  • Create a junction point using the mklink command on the Windows Command Prompt:
cd \ProgramData\FotoWare\FotoWeb\Operations
mklink /J MongoDBData [new location where the MongoDBData files have been moved]

Substitute [new location] with the folder where you want to store the program files, e.g. E:\MongoDBData. This will create a symbolic link from C:\ProgramData\Fotoware\FotoWeb\Operations\MongoDBData to E:\MongoDBData, which is where the files will actually be stored.

  • Restart the Fotoware services on the server.

Reverting to the default MongoDBData folder

This Microsoft KB explains how to delete a symbolic link like the one you created above.