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Choosing the location of audio and video proxy files

With the optional audio and video module FotoWeb creates proxy files - that is, copies of the original files that are encoded to play back on all platforms. Video and audio proxy files are stored in a configurable location on the server. Because the proxies folders can become very big, it's important to place them on a drive that has sufficient storage available.

Choosing where to store proxies​

By default, proxy files for both audio and video are stored in C:\ProgramData\FotoWare\FotoWeb\Operations\Proxies.

Depending on the amount of audio and video files you store in your DAM system the proxy folders can become very large. Hence, you should consider selecting another location than your system drive and for instance use a dedicated storage area for it.

You should consider the fact that the drive that is used to store proxy files is also where they're being transcoded, so the I/O on that drive can have an effect on the performance of transcoding operations.

Also make sure there is sufficient space on the drive to avoid running full, and make regular backups of the proxy files.

The proxy file path can be changed using the Operations Center. Select the FotoWeb tab and choose Configuration - Open. The go to the Service Options tab in the window that opens and choose the Advanced node.

Change the path to the video and audio proxies in the field shown below.

Audio and Video proxy file path FotoWeb.png

If your FotoWeb server runs on IIS, after saving your changes you need to open the FotoWeb Administrator Console application and re-setup FotoWeb for IIS again:

Right-click the site and choose All Tasks - Remove from IIS, and then follow the prompts.

When complete, right-click the site again and choose All tasks - Setup IIS and follow the prompts.

Using junction points to change the path to the audio and video proxy files.

Another way to change the location of the audio and video proxy files is using Windows Server Junction points. Follow these points to create a junction from the original Proxy location to a new location, for example on another drive:

  • Stop all FotoWeb services and Microsoft Internet Information Services
  • Move the Proxies folder from C:\ProgramData\FotoWare\FotoWeb\Operations\Proxies to the new location
  • Create a junction point from the old to the new location. Remember to use an elevated command prompt (running as Administrator):
cd \ProgramData\FotoWare\FotoWeb\Operations
mklink /J Proxies [new location]
  • Restart the FotoWeb services and Microsoft Internet Information Services.

Are proxy files purged when an audio or video file is deleted?

Yes, proxy files are purged within approximately 10 days of deleting the parent asset.