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How FotoWeb detects whether FotoWeb Desktop is installed

Learn more about FotoWeb's mechanism to detect whether a client computer has FotoWeb Desktop installed.

FotoWeb Desktop detection - what users will see

When a user with access to FotoWeb Desktop logs in, they are asked to install FotoWeb Desktop if it has not been installed on the client computer. If the user chooses to ignore the message and not show it again, it will be hidden for the remainder of the session.

Which user permissions require FotoWeb Desktop?

If a user has any of the following archive permissions set, FotoWeb will ask the user to install the FotoWeb Desktop suite of utilities.

Command files when using Open / Edit / Crop functionality

If a user has access to use Open, Edit, and/or Crop functionality, executing any of these operations will trigger a download of a command file. In Microsoft Edge, this file will be opened automatically. To run the operation in other browsers, users need to click on the downloaded fwc file.

When using browsers other than Microsoft Edge, it might be possible to always open files with the extension .fwc to avoid having to manually click it each time a FotoWeb Desktop command is executed.

FotoWeb Desktop detection - technical details

When a user logs in, the web browser queries the client computer on port number 7999. Assuming a valid version of FotoWeb Desktop is found, nothing more happens. If FotoWeb Desktop is not found, or if the version found is incompatible with the server version, the user will be prompted to install FotoWeb Desktop.

A user can choose to ignore this message, in which case the prompt will disappear for the remainder of the session.