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Configuring annotations for use

An administrator needs to configure the following to enable the use of annotations on the Fotoware system:

Enabling annotations in an archive

  1. From the Tools menu (cogwheel icon), go to Site Configuration > Archives.
  2. Select Edit for the specific archive.
  3. On the General tab, turn on the Enable annotations toggle.
  4. Select Save. All users with access to the archive will be able to see the annotations created on assets.


Giving users or groups access to create annotations in the archive access list

This is done by adding the Annotate permission in the Access list tab for the selected archive. 




Giving super users access to manage and moderate annotations


This can be set using the administrative permissions for the group and allows members of the group to moderate and edit other users' annotations.

What's next?

Having configured annotations for use on the system, learn how to create annotations and work with them.