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FotoWeb server - Hardware requirements

The requirements for running FotoWeb will vary greatly depending on user load and the number of assets in the system.

This topic details the server software requirements and outlines some example configurations that may serve as a starting point for choosing hardware.

Hardware requirements - example configurations

Minimum configuration

Medium configuration

Large configuration

One server w/ FotoWeb, Index Manager

One server w/ FotoWeb + Index Manager

One server w/ FotoWeb + Index Manager

10K – 400K assets

100K – 1M assets

500K – 3M assets

1 – 25 concurrent users

20 – 100 concurrent users

20 – 100 concurrent users

8 cores

12 cores

12 cores




Hardware guiding principles

A guiding principle for the above table is that you determine how many concurrent users there will be on the system, and the number of assets that will be stored. The greater number controls what you should choose in the table.

For example, a system with one million assets but only five users will require specs in the Medium configuration tier above. (The number of assets becomes the guide)

In a system with only 10.000 assets but 75 concurrent users, the number of users becomes the guiding factor and also tells you that the medium size configuration will be right.

Also important to remember is that since the software is 64-bit it can process enormously large pictures, which in turn ups the memory requirements.
A guiding principle in this regard is that the processing of a 1 GB image requires 5 GB of available memory, in addition to the requirements stated above.

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