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Updating FotoWeb to the latest version

Updating the FotoWeb installation

Important: Before you proceed, make sure you have read and understand the system requirements and have prepared your server for the FotoWeb installation according to the directions in the Before you install topic.

Before installing (IMPORTANT!)

Before upgrading the FotoWeb installation you must stop all FotoWare-related services on the server:

  • Stop all running FotoWare programs.

  • Open the Start menu, choose Administrative Tools and then choose Services.

  • Locate and stop all FotoWare services and the FotoWeb Service Engine.

  • It is advisable to back up your existing FotoWeb configuration before performing the upgrade. If you're running on a virtual server, it is advisable to make a snapshot of the system to allow reverting if you run into problems that render your system unavailable after the upgrade. If FotoWeb runs on a physical server you can back up the server using your server's backup software. The FotoWeb Administration Console also allows you to make a complete backup of the FotoWeb configuration. See Backing up your system for more information.

Note: If you're updating from FotoWeb 7.0 to 8.0, make sure you read and understand the implications of making that update.

SQL Express password requirements have been changed with FotoWeb 8.0 Feature Release 3

Due to increased password security measures in recent Windows versions, the optional MS SQL Express instance that comes with the FotoWeb installer requires a stronger password after updating FotoWeb from a version older that 8.0.715. If you're updating FotoWeb from such an old version, you must manually change the SQL server's password for the sa account:

  • Open the FotoWeb Administration Console from the Windows Start Screen.
  • Expand the Server node and right-click on the Site node.
  • Choose All tasks | Change DB user password

The old password for the SQL Express instance is GgCP6127. The new password has to be more complex. Use a secure password that complies with the password requirements, or use Windows authentication. Alternatively, we recommend updating to a recent version of MS SQL Server.

Installing the update

Download FotoWeb from the Downloads area on the FotoWare Customer portal and double-click on the installer after downloading. The installer may download additional required software before starting the actual installation of FotoWeb, so an Internet connection will be necessary when running an installer downloaded from the FotoWare website.

After completing any prerequisite downloads, the installer wizard displays a splash screen. Click on Next to continue.


Before proceeding you must agree to the terms in the license agreement. Next up are the release notes. You should make sure to read through these to learn about any fixes and updates to the software. Then click Next to continue and click on Install to start copying files.


When the file copy process is complete, click on Finish.The FotoWeb Upgrade Wizard will start automatically to help you set the basic system preferences.


The FotoWeb Upgrade Wizard updates your FotoWeb server configuration the latest version. The steps in the Upgrade wizard will vary slightly depending on which version you are upgrading from. All FotoWeb sites on the server will be updated, and all existing configuration data will be migrated to the new version. When the wizard has gathered all the information it needs to upgrade/update, click Next to start the upgrade/update.

Upgrade progress

You will be able to monitor the changes the upgrade wizard is making to your system. When it finishes, just click on Finish to close the wizard.

Test your site

After installation the FotoWeb service needs to be started (use the Operations Center shortcut on the desktop). Remember to start the Index Manager service before FotoWeb.

You can then test the site by navigating to the FotoWeb site's address.

Important: Updating from FotoWeb 7.0 to 8.0

  • After an update from version 7.0 to version 8.0 the web browser cache needs to be cleared. Otherwise the Operations Center will not display correctly.
  • Several features have changed from FotoWeb 7.0 to version 8.0, as outlined in this topic.
    • Among other things, a metadata set has to be created and assigned to each archive before it will work as intended. For this reason all FotoWeb archives will be disabled during an update from FotoWeb 7.0 to 8.0. The system administrator will need to re-enable each archive in the FotoWeb site configuration in the Operations Center and make other adjustment to the archive settings as described in the topic linked to above.