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FileInfo method

This method returns information about a file, such as file attributes, metadata, etc. This function requires input delivered by the ‘Search’ method.

Note: The Preview Agent API is deprecated and will be set to End of Life on July 1st, 2024.

If you have integrations that display previews in real-time, we recommend looking into alternative solutions such as obtaining temporary preview links from the RESTful API.




Id[ 1 . . . * ]

Valid ID(s) of the file(s) to return information for. These IDs must be those returned by the ‘Search’ method.

PreviewSize[*] := [ 0 . . . 1024 ]

The maximum dimension in pixels for a preview. The URL for this preview will be returned.

FileInfo[1] := [ 0 | 1 ]

Boolean value indicating if file information should be returned with the file list.

MetaData[1] := [ 0 | 1 ]

Boolean value indicating if metadata should be returned with the file list.

Return value

An ‘Archive Agent File List XML’ document containing information for the requested files. If a file is not found, it is left out of the document unless the request is for a single file, in which case a 404 Not Found message will be returned.

Result of a FileInfo request to the Archive Agent

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