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User tags in FotoWeb

This article describes all dynamic tags that expand to the properties of the current user. These tags can be used in actions, search expressions, and most contexts where there is a current user. 

  • In the context of an action, the current user is the user who sent the assets to the action.
  • In the context of a search, the current user is the user who ran the search. For custom taxonomy search strings and smart folder queries, this is the user who navigated to the smart folder or taxonomy item.

When using these tags for the purpose of uniquely identifying the user, make sure to choose a property that is actually unique. For example, a user may not have an email address, or multiple users may have the same email address (although this is not recommended and not possible in some setups, for example, when using self-service sign-up). Unique properties are the numeric ID of the user and the FotoWeb user name. Custom properties may also be unique, but FotoWeb does not technically guarantee it.

Note: These tags cannot be used in archive auto searches. Auto searches use legacy DTSearch FWX commands. 




{{currentUser.username}} FotoWeb username of the user


{{}} FotoWeb numeric ID of the user 15002
{{}} The user's email address
{{currentUser.fullname}} The user's full name John Doe
{{}} Name of the user's company ACME
{{}} Value of a property of the user's additional properties.

These are custom properties with user-defined keys and values, which can be set in the user properties in FotoWeb.
If a user property called Employeenumber is set and given a value of 12345, then {{}}returns the value 12345