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How picture conferencing works (Legacy)

Use FotoWeb Screens to find and choose the right pictures with your coworkers.

Legacy note:

This feature is deprecated and was discontinued on July 1, 2021. Versions released after that date will not contain this feature.

What is a FotoWeb Screen?

A screen is a shared display of one or more images or a slide show to which users can add and remove images using smartphones or tablets.

Any user who can access the FotoWeb home screen through a browser can create a screen. Users with an iPhone, iPad, or Android device with the FotoWeb app installed can then log on to the server through the app and send pictures to the screen you created through the browser. This is possible both over WiFi and a mobile connection.

If you're doing picture conferences with many people in attendance, you can create a FotoWeb screen on a large display in your meeting and let people submit pictures for review.