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Adding a caption and tooltip to the picture


How to add a caption and tooltip to a picture that's being exported for use on a CMS.

Adding text

Click on Caption to add text to your picture

If you would like image text to appear as an overlay on your published picture, you can type the text into the Caption field. Using the drop down list you can also pick any text that is stored in the file as metadata. The list displays the field number and a preview of its content. If you want you can add several fields. Each will be represented by a value (e.g. #080), and you can space these by adding a comma and a space between the fields, for instance.

The Tooltip field lets you choose the tooltip that is displayed when hovering the mouse pointer over the picture when embedded in the CMS. You can either pick fields from the drop down list or type in a custom tooltip.

Important: Caption and tooltip features are only available if you embed the complete output iframe code from FotoWeb. By simply embedding the image URL you will lose this functionality.
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