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Revoking an exported picture

In some cases, you may want to manually revoke an exported picture immediately. This can be done by opening the exports manager and selecting Revoke. This will immediately remove access to the picture. If you change your mind, you can select Publish to restore access to the picture using the settings that were originally selected when the export was made.

How a revoked or expired picture appears in your CMS

A picture that has been revoked will not be displayed in your CMS.

Instead, the file will be replaced with a graphics file that says Media not available, as shown in the example below:



Re-publishing a picture that has been revoked or expired

You can re-publish a revoked or expired picture by opening the exports manager and locating the picture that has been revoked. If you have many exports on your site and have difficulty finding the precise picture, try filtering by Status: Revoked, Status: Expired, Publication, or any other export criteria using the filters in the top column.

Having located a revoked a picture, select Publish to make the picture available again. It will then be re-published using the features you originally selected for the export, such as image enhancements and framing, and become available on the same URL as before.

To re-publish an expired picture, select Edit and set a new expiry date, or remove the expiry date altogether.

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