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Sharing an album or using CMS export gives an error message

If you receive an error message in FotoWeb when trying to share an album or export an asset to a CMS, there is a possibility that a proxy server on the network is preventing traffic. If you're uncertain if there's a proxy server in the network, talk to talk to IT in your organization and bring to their attention the points below.

FotoWeb and proxy servers

Some proxy servers are known to block non-standard HTTP methods, such as PATCH, SHARE and PUBLISH. This can break certain functionality in FotoWeb such as album sharing and CMS export. Such proxy servers are sometimes used on hotel WiFi connections and corporate networks.

Suggested workarounds

There are a couple of options for working around this potential challenge:

  • Use an HTTPS connection or a VPN. Then there is no longer a "man in the middle" that can modify HTTP requests. This is particularly encouraged when sharing a public hotspot, such as in a hotel, to maintain security.
  • On an organization's internal network arrangements can usually be made with the IT department to whitelist the FotoWeb server and allow even non-standard HTTP requests to that server's IP address.