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Metadata is not applied when uploading several files with the same name


When uploading two or more files with the same name in a single batch using FotoWeb Desktop, the metadata that is added in the upload process is not applied to the files.

Example: A user tries to upload company.ppt and company.doc in the same batch. The metadata entered is not applied to the files.


This happens when uploading two or more files with the same filename that require a sidecar. That's because the sidecar that accompanies a file is named filename.xmp, which means FotoWeb cannot which sidecar goes with which file when they're named the same.


  1. The easiest workaround is to upload files with identical names in separate batches. FotoWeb will then rename the files to avoid sidecar file naming ambiguity.

  2. Use the web uploader in FotoWeb after logging in through the browser.