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Enabling users to upload files

How to configure FotoWeb to allow authenticated users to upload files.

Two modes of upload

Upload permissions can be set in two places in FotoWeb:

1. By enabling the Upload Area, authenticated users that are members of a group with upload permissions will be able to upload files to a common repository. FotoWeb can optionally store files from each user in a separate subfolder inside this folder. You can then configure Index Manager to index this upload area and create FotoWeb archive that automatically filters content so each user only sees the files that he uploaded.

2. The other way to enable uploads is to give users or groups upload access to specific archives using the access list in each archive's settings. This offers greater ingestion control and also lets the system administrator choose whether uploaded files are always stored in a specific folder inside the archive or whether the users can choose, and even create, subfolders inside the archive he's uploading to.

Upload methods

Files can be uploaded to FotoWeb using any of these available methods:

  • From FotoStation using an HTTP upload (Files will always be delivered to the site's upload area)
  • Through a web browser after a user has logged in to FotoWeb
  • From the FotoWeb Desktop Uploader for Windows or Mac OS
  • From FotoWeb for iOS and Android
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