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Controlling upload of assets per archive

Using access lists you can control which users or groups have upload access in specific archives.

Enabling users to upload files to individual archives

When configuring an archive, you can add a user or a whole group to the access list and assign the Upload permission.

This way, you can control precisely who gets to upload files and where they're allowed to submit them.

FW archive access list.PNG

Presetting a destination folder for upload/copy and move operations to the archive

When you enable users to upload assets to a specific archive you can choose between always placing the file in a preset subfolder in the archive or letting users choose a subfolder themselves. This is set on the Ingestion tab in the archive's properties:

FW archive ingestion folder.PNG

By choosing Predefined, an administrator can choose precisely which folder the uploaded asset(s) should be stored in.
User selection leaves it to the user to choose a folder inside the archive.