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User installation of the FotoWare plugins

This topic explains how you can install Fotoware plugins on your local computer to use plugins for Microsoft Office (Word and PowerPoint) and Adobe InDesign. The package also includes an upload utility that can be accessed in the Windows system tray. With this feature, you can check out any type of file from the Fotoware system, edit it locally in an application that supports the file type, and then upload changes back to the server and check the file in.

Note: Installing software on your computer requires administrative privileges. Contact your system administrator if necessary.

Installing the Fotoware plugins

When you log in to the Fotoware site in your browser, you can either select the Install Fotoware Plugins link in the banner at the bottom of the screen, or 

FWDT required notice.png


open the Tools menu and choose Install Fotoware Plugins.

Install FWDT from Tools menu.png

Select Download FotoWeb Desktop in step 1 to download the plugin installation file.

Once the download completes, open the installation file and run the installer.

Steps to install FWDT for users.png

When the installer completes, select Finish and proceed by selecting Download configuration file in step 2 (screenshot above). This downloads a small configuration file that you need to open to associate the plugin with your Fotoware site:

fwdt site is set.png

Select Done!