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Creating slide masters in PowerPoint


PowerPoint uses Slide Masters to let you create templates for your presentations. Slide Masters use so-called placeholders for storing content; this topic discusses how FotoWeb Desktop for Office works with placeholders.

Placeholder priority concerns

When using placeholders in your master slides, the Picture placeholders have priority over the Content placeholders. In practical use, this means that when using a slide such as the one below, which has both a Picture and a Content placeholder, when you double-click on a picture or graphic file in FotoWeb Desktop for Office, that file will be placed in the Picture placeholder first. If your template contains several picture placeholders, FotoWeb Desktop will populate the Picture placeholders first, then the Content placeholders, then any other placeholders in the order in which they were created.

However, if you want to place a picture in a specific placeholder, you can highlight that placeholder first and then double-click the image you want to insert from FotoWeb Desktop.


Differences between Picture and Content placeholders

You will notice then when inserting a picture into the Picture placeholder, the image will be cropped and sized to fit inside the picture frame. Also, an image smaller than the placeholder will be stretched to fit inside the frame. This is how Office handles content within the placeholder and as such is beyond the control of FotoWeb Desktop for Office.

When placing files in a Content placeholder, on the other hand, the placeholder will scale the picture to fit its width and adjust the height of the placeholder frame accordingly to do away with dead space. Because the Content placeholder's height may vary depending on the proportions of the picture you place in it, you will need to take that into account when creating your master slides.

The screenshot below illustrates what happens when FotoWeb Desktop places a landscape picture into a Picture placeholder (left) and a Content placeholder (right). While the Picture placeholder retains its size and centers the image, a Content placeholder adjusts its height to accommodate the full picture.


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