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Problem: FotoWare Plugin action buttons are not available in Firefox

When a user logs in to Fotoware and a feature that requires Fotoware Plugins has been enabled, the web browser will check if Fotoware Plugins are installed. If it isn't, a banner will notify the user that the Fotoware Plugins are required for full functionality and allow the user to download and run the installer. After installation, the Fotoware Plugin features will be available on the Action bar.

When using Firefox browsers, users will have to manually confirm that the Fotoware Plugin is installed by clicking on a verification link in the aforementioned banner.
All other browsers are able to automatically detect whether the Fotoware Plugins are installed, and will only display the banner if (1) Fotoware Plugins have not yet been installed, (2) aren't the correct version, or (3) are not currently running on the client.