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Understanding how tabs work in FotoWeb Pro

Browse tabs vs Search tabs

When a user clicks on an archive in FotoWeb to view its contents, that archive's content is shown in a Browse tab. If the user wants to find specific content in that archive, he can use the search bar at the top of the screen and type in one or more words, then choose the in this archive tickbox. The search result will then be returned within that tab. Words can also be selectively removed from the search field.

In a browse tab, rating and status filters can also be added to display content that matches the specified criteria, and taxonomy filtering and folder browsing is also possible.


Search tabs are tabs that appear when a user searches in the search bar and chooses to search in all available archives using the tickbox.

Each search tab displays the search result of one of the available archives, and adding new search words to the search bar updates the content of all the search tabs.

When a user decides to move further "down" into the content of a search tab by doing an archive-specific search or by adding any type of filter (as described in the above paragraph) the tab immediately becomes a browse tab and is excluded from updating when subsequent searches are made in all archives. Because a browse tab cannot be restored to a search tab, the user can make a new search across all archives, and FotoWeb will preserve the tab the user is working in and open a new tab that contains the search result of that archive.

Tab behavior when opening archives

FotoWeb lets you working with several archives; each one will open in a separate tab. When clicking an archive which already has an open tab, the view will switch to that tab and display the archive's content. However, by pressing the Ctrl key while clicking on an archive, you can force the content of that archive to open in a new tab, even if a tab already exists for it.

Closing all tabs

All tabs (excluding those that a user has pinned for keeping) can be easily closed by clicking on Clear Search (X) in the search bar.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut Shift-X.