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Uploading assets through the browser in FotoWeb Pro


Uploading assets to FotoWeb

  • First click on Upload in the top banner to display the Upload window.
  • Now drag one or more files from your desktop into the upload area (the dotted blue box) or click on the Browse link to locate the files on your computer.
  • Choose the archive to upload the assets from the dropdown list just above the upload area. This will list all the areas you have upload access and, depending on how the system has been configured, you may also be able to select a subfolder.
  • Now you may need to fill in certain metadata fields, depending on the metadata set that has been applied to the archive. This metadata will be written to all the files in the upload queue.
    Yellow metadata fields are required, meaning you will not be able to start uploading unless you have filled the fields in.
  • When you've added all files to the upload queue and added metadata, click on Upload to start uploading the files to the server.


When the upload completes the files will be available in the archive you uploaded them to.

What if the files I upload already have metadata?

Edit section

When uploading files through the web browser as described above, fields you leave blank in the upload dialog will be cleared when the file is uploaded, even if the original file on your computer had metadata in this field.

Thus, if the files you upload already have descriptive metadata, one of the below methods may better suit your way of working:

  1. You can use FotoWeb Desktop to upload files to the archive.

  2. You can use FotoStation to caption the files and upload them to the FotoWeb server through an action.

  3. You can create a special archive for users who have metadata compliant software on their computers and who caption assets before uploading. This archive would allow uploads from these users only and not have any metadata requirements. Using the Ingestion setting on the archive, the uploaded files can be routed through Color Factory to verify that all necessary metadata fields have been filled out before the files are stored in the archive.

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