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The Fotoware software suite at a glance

 The components in a FotoWare system

The components in a Fotoware system

A Fotoware DAM system consists of several components - some of which are optional. The diagram above illustrates the core and peripheral services of the system.

Core services

Index Manager is the engine that monitors and indexes watched folders on a server. It extracts metadata and provides search services for its clients.

In a typical setup, Index Manager serves FotoWebwhich provides different front ends for users to access the DAM system, and which is used to configure your workflow.

Optional components that can be plugged into the system are Color Factory, a workflow automation tool with an emphasis on color management and quality assurance, and Connect, a file transfer automation tool that supports numerous protocols. These can be configured to deliver files into Index Manager's watched folders to become available to FotoWeb users at different points in the workflow process.

Communication between FotoWeb and Index Manager

FotoWeb and Index Manager communicate over the Fotoware Protocol, FWP. This protocol is based on IP, which means it can be encrypted using an SSL certificate and makes it possible to place the Index Manager and FotoWeb servers in different locations while maintaining communication over standard IP topology.

Web clients

FotoWeb, technically a client-server solution, has rich, responsive front ends for web browsers, called FotoWeb and FotoWeb ProFotoWeb gives users access to navigate, search, process, share, and collaborate on content, while FotoWeb Pro is heavily focused on workflow and working with large volumes of assets - typically something DAM managers use.

Mobile app

Access to the DAM system is possible using the Fotoware Mobile app for iPhone and Android. With Fotoware Mobile, users can upload new content, add metadata, and process files in pre-configured workflows on the server end. Picture conferencing is an added benefit of Fotoware Mobile.


Microsoft Office plugins allow users to access FotoWeb within Word and PowerPoint to find and insert graphics, pictures, and logos for their presentations.

Adobe Creative Suite extensions let designers contribute and update content in the DAM system directly from Photoshop and Illustrator, and place visual assets in their InDesign layouts.

FotoWeb Selection Widget can be tied in with any CMS to allow users to call up FotoWeb from within their CMS. That way, they can find and place assets stored in the DAM system directly in the CMS.

Desktop apps

FotoWeb Desktop uploader is available for all users with a FotoWeb account and access to upload files. With it, users can upload files from their Windows or Mac workstation to the DAM system and add metadata to the assets in the process.

FotoStation is the thick workstation client for Windows and Mac, which connects to the DAM system and offers rich metadata editing, batch processing, and workflow automation.

FotoWeb RESTful API

FotoWeb comes with a full RESTful API that allows powerful integration with third-party systems.



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