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Setting up an index

The indexes are at the heart of the FotoWare system. By first setting up an index with a single or several document folders attached to it, it will be possible to configure FotoWeb and/or FotoStation clients to connect to the system and start working with the files. Follow the topics below in the order they are listed to successfully set up your first index.

Creating an index

Tip before you start: Take care not to confuse the index folder with the document folders. This index folder contains binary data that Index Manager uses internally, while the document folders are the folders that you want to make available to users of the system.

Adding document folders to the index

Tip: Before you proceed to save the configuration and start up Index Manager, it may be practical to enable guest access to the index so that any FotoWare client application on the network can connect to the index without authenticating.
You can learn more about the implications of doing so here.

Checking Index Manager status

Check the Index Manager Status screen in the Operations Center and make sure you get green lights on the index you created and a count of the number of assets in the index. The activity indicator goes blue while the index is building and finally green when it is ready for client connections.

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