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Creating a FotoWeb archive by connecting to an index

An archive in FotoWeb is a connection to an index where additional filtering can be applied to control the content a user sees. This topic explains how to create such an archive in FotoWeb and some of the basic properties that have to be requiredto work as expected.


To create an archive, go to the Archives tab in the FotoWeb site administration and click on the Add archive button. A large dialog will open and help you set all the properties related to the archive.


General archive properties

An archive in FotoWeb is identified by its name and must be unique for each archive. It is also a good idea to give the archives intuitive names that can give the users an idea of what they can expect to find in them. The Description field can also be used for this purpose.

To make the archive easy to distinguish from other archives on the server you can add an icon to it and choose an icon color.

Enabling or disabling an archive

You can also toggle the enabled/disabled state for an archive. This controls whether an archive is available or not to users. This is a quick and convenient way to completely disable an archive without deleting it permanently.

URL to the index

A FotoWeb archive has to be pointed to an Index Manager archive. The Index Manager connection uses TCP/IP to communicate with the server, and the connection string is in reality a URL. Click on the Browse button (...) to open the connection dialog and type in the name of the Index Manager server. If no previous connections have been made to the Index Manager server you will be asked to authenticate. Upon successful authentication, a list of available indexes will be shown, and you can choose the index to which you want to connect.

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