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Adding users to a group and setting group rights

In this topic you will learn how to create a group and add the user your created to that group. Doing so will not only make the process of assigning rights easier in the long run, it will also allow you to set certain permissions that can only be set on the group level, as you will see below.

Creating a group and adding users to it

Manage Users and Group menu option in Tools menu.png

To create a group, open the Tools menu (cogwheelicon) and choose Manage Users/Groups. Then click on the Add new group button.

User Management - Creating a group.png

Name the group and choose the default license that should be applied to users that are imported into this group. You can also make the group a member of another group using the Access drop down.

User Management - Adding users to a group.png

Users and groups can be removed from the group by selecting them in the list and clicking on the Remove button.

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