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Enabling users to browse folders in the archive

In this exercise we will enable folder browsing on the archive to allow users to browse individual folders on the server that are located within the archive.

We will also create a metadata set - a collection of fields that are used to display asset metadata and to control which metadata fields a user can modify.

Enabling folder browsing 

Folder navigation implies that FotoWeb will show the entire folder structure in the indexed area and allow users to navigate up and down the folder tree to view the assets stored in each individual folder. The top level folder is shown by default - so if you index a folder called e.g. "Images", in which there are several subfolders, the "Images" folder will be shown in the folder navigation. It is possible to remove this top level folder from the folder hierarchy, thus also removing it in the folder breadcrumb.

  • By enabling Folder navigation, users can browse individual subfolders within the document folder. The document folder itself will not be shown or included in the breadcrumb.
  • If you also enable Show document folders, the indexed document folder at the top level is also included in the folder browsing. It will also be included in the breadcrumb.
  • By disabling folder navigation altogether, no breadcrumb will be exposed to users at all.
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