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Controlling the metadata fields that are shown in an archive

What are metadata sets?

A metadata set is a collection of metadata fields and properties that control how those fields behave in user interaction. If you've used FotoWeb 7.0, metadata sets are similar to FotoWeb 7.0 metadata editors. When you have define a metadata set, you assign it to an archive which in turn gives users the possibility to view and, optionally, edit the content of those fields. Users can only edit metadata in an archive if they have been given permission to do so in the archive's access list, but at the lowest level, it's the metadata set that controls whether a field is editable at all.

Creating a metadata set

Assigning the metadata set to the archive

By assigning a metadata set to an archive you control which metadata fields users can edit in that archive (assuming they are allowed to edit metadata in the archive in question) and which taxonomies they have access to.

Users who are allowed to upload files to the archive are required to fill in metadata in accordance with the field requirements specified in the metadata set.

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