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Uploading files to FotoWeb

Requirements for upload

Before a user can upload a file, the system administrator has to have granted upload access explicitly to the user or to a group that the user is a member of. Upload privileges can then be assigned to individual archives or to a global upload area. Access to upload to individual archives is given on the archive's access list, while upload to the global upload area is given by enabling this feature on the group properties.

Upload tools available to users

Once a user has been given sufficient rights to upload content to the FotoWeb site, several upload tools are available:

  • upload directly from the web interface after logging in.
  • using the locally installed FotoWeb Desktop upload tool for Mac or Windows.
  • using FotoWeb Desktop apps for Android and iPhone / iPad.
  • using the Selection widget for integrations with a CMS.
  • using the FotoStation workstation for Windows or Mac to upload to FotoWeb
  • delivery of files directly to the shared folders that Index Manager monitors. This allows any third-party app or a user with file system access to add files directly to a FotoWeb archive. As this method bypasses any quality control and metadata validation, it should not be made generally available.

Is there a guide that can help me configure asset upload to FotoWeb?

Yes, all the information related to uploading files has been collected in the Uploading files to FotoWeb guide.  It explains: 

  • how to configure FotoWeb to allow groups of users to upload content
  • how to control metadata requirements when users upload
  • which clients can be used to upload assets to FotoWeb
  • and more.
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