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Configuring workflows

FotoWeb workflows are configured using actions and markers. The processing profiles that you created previously can also be seen as workflow processes. However, for user-controlled workflows, you typically use actions and markers.


Actions are user-run processes where assets can be modified and optionally transmitted to an output folder. The processing may involve changing metadata using a preset macro, or the user can be prompted to add information to the asset(s) being processed. Processing profiles can also be applied automatically when a file is sent to an action, and several settings control which information is transmitted alongside the asset when it is copied or moved to another location. For more information about this functionality, see Creating and configuring actions.


Markers are visual indicators that can alert users about the state of assets in an archive. For example, an icon can be configured to show on an asset if the asset has certain usage restrictions applied. Markers can also be interactive so that selecting them executes a process - selecting a marker can, for instance, open a metadata window to display usage rights, allow the user to add metadata to the asset, or execute a webhook that sends data about the asset to a third-party system. For more information about these options, see Creating and configuring markers.

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