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Installing FotoWeb

How to install FotoWeb on a clean Windows server with no prior version of FotoWeb installed.

Video: Getting started with FotoWeb

This video walks you through the installation, configuration and basic configuration of FotoWeb on your server. Written instructions can be found below the video.


Starting the installation

Download FotoWeb from the FotoWare Update Center and double-click on the installer after downloading. The installer may download additional required software before starting the actual installation of FotoWeb, so an Internet connection will be necessary when running an installer downloaded from the FotoWare website.


The installer wizard displays a splash screen. Click on Next to continue.


Before proceeding you must agree to the terms in the license agreement. Hit Next to continue. 

It's always a good idea to real through the release notes, as they contain information about recent fixes and any added functionality, as well as known issues that may affect your workflow. Now click Install to start copying files.

When the file copy process is complete, the below screen is shown. When you click on Finish, the FotoWeb Configuration Tool will start automatically to help you set the basic system preferences.


Initial configuration of FotoWeb

After the installation, the FotoWeb Configuration Tool will start to help you set basic properties for your system. These settings can be changed later in the FotoWeb configuration, so nothing you set here is permanent in the sense that it can always be changed later if you wish.

The installation program places a shortcut to the FotoWeb configuration tool on your desktop so that you can cancel the configuration at this time if you would like to set up FotoWeb later. However, you must run the configuration wizard before you can start using FotoWeb. After you have completed the configuration wizard the shortcut to it will disappear from the desktop, since all subsequent configuration can be performed in the Operations Center.

Click Next to proceed with the configuration or Cancel to configure FotoWeb later. If you choose to cancel you must start the configuration tool later by double-clicking on the Configure FotoWeb shortcut on the desktop.

User account settings

All FotoWare applications use a common background service account for handling client requests and interaction with the server file system and network. If another FotoWare server application has already been set up on your server, chances are the process account is already set, and this step of the configuration wizard will be skipped automatically. More information about the background process account can be found in the Operations Center documentation.

If no process account has already been set in the Operations Center, you must enter a username and password here. The credentials will be verified, so be warned that typing the wrong password several times could result in the account being locked out.

If you specify a domain account and fill in the Domain field as, or something similar using a suffix, you will not be able to use a trusted connection when connecting to the SQL database. That's because the SQL database stores the windows user with only the short form of the domain name, omitting the three-letter suffix (.net, .com etc.) so that the SQL server will not be able to find the user.

Site Identification

The site identification consists of a site name that is for internal use only and host name and IP address that connect the site with IIS and rest of the world. The site name can be anything you choose as long as it consists of letters [A-Z] , [a-z] and [0-9]. The host name must be the fully qualified host name along with the IP address as configured in the web site in IIS to which this FotoWeb site will be connected to.

Selecting the IIS Web Site

If you choose to host your FotoWeb on an IIS server, you also need to specify a unique web site in IIS. The wizard will display all the websites that are available in IIS. Choose the web site with the same host name and IP address as configured in the previous dialog.

Database Settings

With recent versions of the FotoWeb installer, the configuration wizard does not prompt you to configure a database. Instead, these settings can be configured in the database settings in the Operations Center after setting up FotoWeb.

Note: In older versions of FotoWeb, a SQL Express instance could be specified to host the database. That database had the following default settings:

Database name: <Computer name>\FotoWare
User name:​ sa
Password: GgCP6127#

The specified FotoWare Process Account is also granted access to this instance by default.

SMTP Server

An SMTP server is required for the email functionality in the FotoWeb. It is used to issue reports and statistics, invitations to shared albums, deliver files via email etc. The SMTP server is mandatory.

If you do not already have an SMTP server, you can use the one that is available in Windows. This service is a part of IIS and can be installed through the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. Next specify the authentication details if required by your SMTP server. If you do not wish to set up an SMTP server immediately, you can leave the fields empty and click Next to proceed; just remember that important functionality in FotoWeb will not be available until an email server has been configured.

Finally, click on Next to have FotoWeb start processing. When it completes, click Finish to exit the wizard.

Testing your site

After installation the FotoWeb service needs to be started (use the Operations Center shortcut on the desktop). Remember to start the Index Manager service before FotoWeb.

You can then test the site by navigating to the FotoWeb site's address that you set in the configuration wizard. (For example