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What does Fotoware configure in Internet Information Services (IIS)


This document lists the changes made to IIS during the installation and configuration of Fotoware.

FotoWeb automatically creates the following objects in IIS:

  • The application pool FotoWeb
  • The application pool FotoWebConfigServer
  • The application pool FotoWebApi which runs the .NET API (applies to FotoWeb version 8.1 and later)
  • The website _FotoWebConfigServer with two bindings: and [::1]:7103 on the loopback interface (i.e., they cannot be accessed from other machines in the network, regardless of firewall settings).
  • The application fotoweb under any website where a FotoWeb site is installed.
  • A global ISAPI and CGI restriction rule FotoWeb ISAPI Module
  • A global ISAPI and CGI restriction rule FotoWeb Legacy Upload ISAPI Module
  • Some changes to applicationHost.config to allow overriding certain configuration sections in web.config on individual websites.

All application pools run as the Fotoware service account. The objects FotoWebConfigServer and _FotoWebConfigServer objects are not present in older versions. However, the configuration server has been present in all versions of FotoWeb 8 and later versions of FotoWeb 7, except it was running on Apache. FotoWeb does not automatically modify any other parts of the configuration of IIS. In particular, it does not set up or modify websites that FotoWeb is hosted on (other than adding the fotoweb application).

You are free to configure IIS websites and other parts of IIS as required to host other applications in IIS. You can also host other content on the same website as FotoWeb, as long as it does not conflict with FotoWeb.
There MUST NOT be any objects in IIS in the same location and with the same name as any corresponding objects created by FotoWeb.

Any objects created by FotoWeb MUST NOT be modified, reconfigured, or customized, as any changes may be overwritten at any time and can impact the security, functionality, and stability of FotoWeb. If the IIS configuration of FotoWeb is damaged or has been manually modified, or there are unexpected errors that may be related to IIS, running either one of the following commands can restore the entire IIS configuration and potentially resolve any issues:

fwsetup.exe -restoreIIS
fwsetup.exe -update

The first command is quiet and does not provide any feedback, but it writes to a log file. It only restores the IIS configuration. It may safely be run on a production system and should not cause downtime.

The second command runs the FotoWeb update wizard, which has a UI and an error logging console.  If there is no FotoWeb configuration running, this command will create one. It may also resolve or detect other problems with FotoWeb. It can cause a few minutes of downtime, so it should be used with care on production systems, ideally outside of normal work hours.

The FotoWeb Configuration app also has options to remove a site from IIS and add it again, but it does not restore any global IIS configuration objects. It may cause downtime.