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Installing Fotoware in an offline environment

This article explains how to install Fotoware on a server that does not have a working internet connection.


The regular Fotoware software installers download additional required components from the Internet when run. We also supply offline installers on the Customer Portal where most of the required components are included for installation on servers without an Internet connection.

We recommend having the Windows Server installation media at hand for the reasons described below.


Before installing FotoWeb offline, you need to deploy .NET Framework 3.5 manually. For more information on how to do so, see Microsoft documentation here

Steps required to install Fotoware offline

  1. Download the required offline installers from the Fotoware Customer Portal.
    Note: The most recent hotfixes might not be available as offline installers. If so, download and run the most recent offline installer first and apply a hotfix after when all key components have been installed on the server.
  2. Install Fotoware software using the offline installer packages.

Note: In Fotoware 8.1 when installing offline, you must install the Operations Center before installing any of the other products. There is a separate offline installer for Operations Center which contains all prerequisites required by Operations Center.

  1. Activate Fotoware software using offline activation.

Offline activation of Fotoware software

When the software installation is complete, you need to activate the software. Since the server is offline, you need to perform an offline activation. For more information, see Performing an offline activation.