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A Fotoware product asks for activation after an update to a newer version

What to do if, after you update to a more recent version of your software, it asks for activation although you have already activated a product key.


After you have downloaded and installed an updated version of your Fotoware software, the program will not start. It keeps asking for activation even though a product key has already been activated.


The most likely cause of this problem is that you have installed a newer version than your current product key allows you to run.

When you buy a Fotoware application, the included one-year warranty entitles you to free updates for one calendar year. You may extend the warranty by purchasing an Agreement, which provides additional benefits such as prioritized support.

However, if you download a newer version than your product key allows, the program will keep asking for the activation key and refuse to start. Even though the key itself is valid, the program version will not run if it was released after the warranty period or your Agreement has expired (the program performs a date check on the license against its own hard-coded version date).


Note: The product key never expires. You can still go back to using an older version of the software for which the product key was made. 

Customers who have a valid Agreement can log on to the Fotoware Customer Portal and run the license fulfillment process there. They will then receive their new keys by email, allowing them to run the latest version of the software.

Customers who don't have an Agreement and whose warranty has expired should contact Fotoware Sales to purchase an Agreement so they can run new versions of the software.

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