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Activating FotoStation for Mac using the Terminal utility

​About the Fotoware license tool

When rolling out a number of FotoStation instances in a network environment it can be useful to automate the activation of the license on each computer using a logon script. This can be done by creating a logon script that runs on every computer where FotoStation has been installed.

​FotoStation includes an executable file that can be run in a logon script with additional parameters to activate and deactivate the software, repair an activation, and dump activation information into a text file.

This executable file is located in the FotoStation app bundle, located in /Applications/FotoStation

When scripting the FotoStation installation, the license tool can be run to perform a regular online activation of a volume product key. 

The utility can also be used to troubleshoot activation problems, for more information, see Command line activation of Fotoware applications using fwlicensetool.

For more information about deploying FotoStation on Mac, see Deployment of FotoStation for Mac.


General syntax

./fwlicensetool [options]

Offline activation

Offline activation is used when the computer where the Fotoware software is activated does not have a working internet connection.

An offline activation consists of the following 3 steps:

  1. Generating an offline activation request file on the computer that's intended to run the software.
  2. Uploading the activation request file to Fotoware: Go to (requires a Fotoware Customer Portal account) to upload the file.
  3. Using the response file received in the previous step to activate the software on the computer.

The commands used to create the activation request file in step 2 above and the command to activate the offline response file in step 3 are described in the Options table in Command line activation of Fotoware applications using fwlicensetool.