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Manually installing the FlexNet Activation service using an elevated Windows command prompt


Note: The FotoWare Application Activation Wizard has been superseded by the fwlicensetool for managing activations. For information on obtaining this tool and using it to manage software activation from the command prompt, see Command line activation of FotoWare applications using fwlicensetool.


If, when troubleshooting activation, you find that the FlexNet service isn't running, you can manually install it by following the procedure described below.

First, open the Windows command prompt in elevated mode. (Open the Windows Start menu, start typing "command prompt", then right-click on the Command Prompt shortcut when it shows and choose Run as Administrator.)

Next, go to the folder where the Activation Wizard program files are located (syntax below)

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\FotoWare\Application Activation Wizard 1.1

Now, type the following command to install the FlexNet service

fwappactwiz -installService

Finally, close the command prompt:


Now you can verify whether the FlexNet service has been successfully installed by the Services control panel: Hit Windows-R and type in services.msc to open it.

In the list of services you should now find the FlexNet Licensing Service:

FlexNet Licensing service listed in Windows Services control panel.png