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Product key for deployment testing


This article contains a "dummy" product key that can be used to test whether MSI deployment packages for FotoStation and FotoWeb Desktop work as intended before swapping the dummy key with fully-working retail keys.

How to use the dummy deployment key


Fotoware client applications such as FotoStation and FotoWeb Desktop can be deployed in a large user environment by modifying the MSI installer package and rolling it out to a host of network computers for example using Active Directory Group Policy.

To this end, we have created a special dummy key that you can use instead of your production keys when modifying the MSI package at the time of testing. Then, when you have verified that the installer works as it should and performs the activation as expected, you can simply replace the dummy key with your currently valid product keys. Your most recent keys can be downloaded from the Fotoware License Center.

When testing your deployment package, use the key below to verify that you can activate online:



When listing the activated products on a machine, the product key above creates an entry called FWTrustedStorageInit (Version 1.0)
You can deactivate this key manually or by creating a script that runs the following command:

fwlicensetool –d FC00AD-54EBD8-90E63A-F31F8C-1176A0-47462F

It's possible to specify an optional -silent parameter in the activation string to run activation/deactivation without a user prompt.

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