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Giving users access to configure the Fotoware services

How to give users access to configure Fotoware services through the Operations Center.

Giving users access to configure the server

When Operations Center Settings is installed, it creates a local Fotoware Administrators group on the server. By default, members of the local Administrators group on the server are automatically members of this group. 

All users with server access, with RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) for example, can access the Operations Centre Settings, FotoWeb Settings, Index Manager Settings, Color Factory Settings, and Connect Settings.

Only users who are members of the Fotoware Administrators group can access Operations Center Status. You can add any existing users on your network to the group, for instance, domain users, to give them access to the system. Operations Center Status can be accessed from any workstation on the network. When you first install Fotoware, you need to log out and log in again to activate group membership.

Note: You cannot add groups to the group - users must be added explicitly.

Legacy note: Prior to version 8.1, an FW Operators group was also created. This group no longer exists.



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