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Dynamic operators to help build search queries

These dynamic operators can be used to create search queries, for example, when configuring auto searches in FotoStation or FotoWeb.

For information about a similar feature in FotoWeb search queries, see Dynamic tags.

Operators specific to FotoStation

​The operators listed below can be used in FotoStation to create configurations with archives that point dynamically to the active user's environment, etc.


Field Code

Path to Desktop folder


Path to My Documents %%INSMYDOCUMENTS
Path to My Pictures %%INSMYPICTURES
Insert full XMP date and time %%INSXMPDATE
Count n number of days backward or forward from today %%INSDAYDATE-+nnn
Count n number of hours backward or forward from today %%INSHOURDATE-+nnn
Count n number of seconds backward or forward from now %%INSSECDATE-+nnn

Globally available operators


Field Code



Insert full XMP date with day and time



Insert width in mm



Insert width in inch



Insert width in cm



Insert IPTC formatted time (now)



Insert system (Win / OS X) login name



Insert size in cm



Insert size in inch



Insert size in cm



nnn is the number of seconds forward or backward from now.



Insert resolution in Pixels/Inch



Insert resolution in Pixels/Cm



Insert Rating value



Insert Quality value at 180 ppi (ppi value can be changed)



Insert pixel width (pixels per line)



Insert full path



Insert pixel height (number of lines)



Insert filename without extension



Insert computer name



Insert system formatted time (now)



Insert system formatted file time



Insert system formatted file date



Insert system formatted created time



Insert system formatted created date



Insert system formatted today’s date



Insert system formatted camera time



Insert system formatted camera date



Insert image size



nnn is the number of hours forward or backward from now.



Insert height in mm



Insert height in inch



Insert height in cm



Insert file type



Insert IPTC formatted file time



Insert folder name



Insert File number  (sequence number when batch processing)



Insert file size



Insert Filename



Insert IPTC formatted file date



Insert IPTC formatted created time



Insert IPTC formatted created date



nnn is the number of days forward or backward from now.



Insert IPTC formatted day after tomorrow (offset in days)



Insert IPTC formatted today’s date



Insert color space



Insert IPTC formatted camera time



Insert IPTC formatted camera date



Insert FotoStation login name