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Making all FotoWare servers and clients use a new metadata definition

This topic explains how to distribute the metadata definition to all Fotoware servers and clients in your system so they can read and write information to the new fields.

Distributing the metadata configuration

When a new field definition has been made, those changes are stored in the MetadataConfiguration.xml file in C:\ProgramData\FotoWare\Metadata on the server.

All Fotoware server applications that run on the same server share this metadata configuration file. However, if there is more than one Fotoware server in your system you will need to make sure all server applications use the same metadata configuration file. You can simply make a copy of the metadata configuration file and store it in the same location on all involved servers.

It is also possible to export only the new namespace(s) you have made and import these in the respective target configurations on other servers.


When you've changed the metadata configuration file on a server, all Fotoware services on the server must be restarted to use the new configuration, including the Operations Center service.

Any affected Index Manager servers may have to have their indexes completely rebuilt to be made aware of the new field definitions.

Distributing the metadata configuration to FotoStation clients

FotoStation clients require the same metadata configuration as the server applications do. Typically an administrator will create new namespaces and fields and export those fields so they can be imported into a FotoStation configuration. The admin will then create metadata editors, keyword lists etc. for use in FotoStation and finally upload the configuration to a network share. When users then start up FotoStation on their workstations, they will download the complete new configuration from the server.

Learn more about how to configure FotoStation for multi-user environments.

Building metadata editors in FotoStation and FotoWeb

Having created your set of custom fields and distributed it to the Fotoware servers and clients in your DAM system, you can start building metadata sets for use in FotoWeb and metadata editors for use with FotoStation.

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